Community at Google Extends to the Cafeteria

Thanks to Valleywag, I have checked out Google’s Food Standards:

What is so interesting about these Culinary Standards is that Google’s success in engaging communities online, extends right into the GooglePlex cafeteria.

Google Culinary Team Standards IntelliGrad

References to Community Engagement:

Title: ‘Culinary Team’“ This ain’t no run-of-the-muck kitchen staff

‘Source Fresh and Organic Foods’“ Organic Food Community (niche marketing)

‘Lamb and Pork are Presmium’“ Exclusivity = Expensive

‘Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch’“ mystery; my interest is piqued

‘Engage local artisan vendors’ – everyone loves to support the local economy

‘Made from Scratch’“ indicates quality

‘Sharing of thoughts’ – they want my opinion!

‘Sustainable and local’ – sustainability

‘Our Goal is to Educate our Staff, customers, etc..) – they are teachers too!

‘Food Experience’ – it’s all about the experience

‘Participating as a Team’ – participation

‘Charity’ – doing good; so nice of them

‘Services, quality, efficiencies’ – great buzzwords

This is how you build loyalty and engagement“ you appeal to the various brands, communities and identities that people associate with most strongly.

I want to eat there“ don’t you?


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