Five New(ish) Blogs Worth Reading

Over the last few months I have stumbled upon several new(ish) blogs that are highly worth checking out: Laserlike: Authored by Mike Speiser, Managing Director at Sutter Hill Ventures Sample Great Post: Ontologies for Everything Else Lessons Learned: Authored by Eric Ries, a ‘Venture Advisor’ at Kleiner Perkins Sample Great Post: Engagement Loops: Beyond Viral […]

Why US Angel Investors Don’t Typically Invest in International Startups

The topic of international angel investing seems to come up more often these days. Both India and China are on fire with startup investing opportunities. This is a great sign; talent is increasingly global and I’m positive many of the biggest outlier investments will increasingly be found abroad. It’s also a great sign more cultures […]

The Average Angel Investment Amount Is Less Than You Think

I have been doing a bunch of traveling lately but hope to make more substantial posts soon… In the interim, I thought these facts on angel investing from Entrepreneurship Professor Scott Shane were enlightening: Prof. Shane notes that only 21% of angels meet the Securities and Exchange Commission’s requirements for being an “accredited investorâ€� – […]

Dow Jones Hiring Venture Capital Reporter

I saw this job offering here in NYC and thought it might be perfect for someone who enjoys this blog. Dow Jones and Co. is hiring a new reporter for Venture Wire (its venture capital arm). I’ve never been a journalist but I’m sure covering startups is a great way to learn the industry, build […]

Paul Graham on a New Attitude for Startup Acquisitions

I always feel guilty quoting others because I want to be my own thinker. That said… [Something] I see starting to get standardized is acquisitions. As the volume of startups increases, big companies will start to develop standardized procedures that make acquisitions little more work than hiring someone. Google is the leader here, as in […]