Five New(ish) Blogs Worth Reading

Over the last few months I have stumbled upon several new(ish) blogs that are highly worth checking out:

Laserlike: Authored by Mike Speiser, Managing Director at Sutter Hill Ventures
Sample Great Post: Ontologies for Everything Else

Lessons Learned: Authored by Eric Ries, a ‘Venture Advisor’ at Kleiner Perkins
Sample Great Post: Engagement Loops: Beyond Viral

Altgate: Authored by Furqan Nazeeri, President & CEO of Viridus and formerly an EIR at Softbank Capital
Sample Great Post: How Much is a Free Customer Worth?

Five Years too Late: Authored by RRE Ventures, a New York Based VC firm.
Sample Great Post: Why You Might Want a Lower Valuation for Your Startup

Mine That Data:
Authored by Kevin Hillstrom, CEO of Minethatdata.
Sample Great Post: Cost Per New Customer

I also wanted to point people to the Kissmetrics’ Blog and Twitter feed. Kiss has been sharing great links on Twitter and I’m looking forward to the launch


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