Networking Hack: Do Your Homework And Leave A Comment

As I have noted before, I feel that the quality of my online interactions with other individuals has been dropping. I no longer use Twitter as a conversation medium with friends because Twitter has changed. I don’t really like instant messaging because I find it distracting; when I’m in front of my computer I want […]

Lessons for Startups From Lady Gaga

I’m home for the Holiday and we have been driving a fair amount visiting family. As a result I have been listening to the radio, specifically a ton of Lady Gaga. Both of my sisters are big fans. I started researching the Gaga phenomenon and have been utterly amazed at both the rapid rise and […]

Business Plans 2.0 Presentation

Yesterday I gave a talk with Kam Khare at the Carey Business School of Johns Hopkins University titled, “Business Plans 2.0.” The idea is that business plans have evolved, especially the type of business plan a venture capitalist or angel investor expects to see from a founder. First Kam presented on the traditional business plan […]

How To Be Taken More Seriously As A Founder

The world of startups is based on trust: investors, employees and customers want to associate with people they perceive as hard working and serious. In world of networking,  here is a common mistake made by younger people: You are invited to a party, event or bar to meet an investor or other influencer. As drinks […]

Avoiding Fear-Based Decisions As A Founder

One of the most difficult things for startups is keeping an objective and rational viewpoint during the decision making process. Due to the very nature of the startup environment there is a tendency to view most decisions as a zero-sum game: “if we make the right decision we’ll be fine, but if we make the […]