Is ‘Founder’ A New Career Path?

I’ve been reading a lot of opinions that there are too many startups right now. Too many investors, too much money at work. I tend to agree. That said, I was thinking the other night about a contrarian view point. Facts: The smartest people I know wants to become entrepreneurs Everyone I know who has exited a […]

Corporations Often Spawn The Best Startups

The paradox of corporate innovation is that many of the best startups are spawned by the alumni of stodgy enterprises. Yet, had these very same entrepreneurial alumni attempted to realize their vision within the walls of the corporation, it’s unlikely they would have succeeded. Understandably, many corporates consider these alumni-bred startups missed financial opportunities, but […]

Data Visualization Is A Massive Competitive Advantage

I have recently noticed a number of startups such as Betterworks and Square making use of data visualizations as a form of business intelligence. These visualizations also make for compelling eye candy; I’m sure the press and investors eat this stuff up.I look forward to seeing if more startups adopt such techniques. Conveying narrative is […]

Data-Centricity: What Non-Profits Can Learn From Startups

I am republishing a Letter to the Editor I wrote for the magazine of Johns Hopkins Business School relating to what not-for-profits can learn from startups. Summary: Non-profits must focus on actionable, quantitative metrics. Data-Centricity & Non-Profits As an entrepreneur who has worked closely managing expectations from venture capital investors, I thought Rise of the […]

More Thoughts On MBAs And Startups

Charlie O’Donnell’s recent post for MBAs considering working at startups drew some harsh reactions, but also raised some excellent points. I wanted to add my own thoughts since I have an MBA and know the startup space from both the perspective of a potential employee and as a founder who makes hiring decisions. First two […]