Seth Godin on Doubt

The path of entrepreneurship is challenging. Sometimes we forget that the  entrepreneurial mindset tends to look at the world through a unique lens. Whether it’s thinking about mission above all else, or about probabilities and asymmetric risks or rewards, founders are wired a bit differently. Seth Godin is an entrepreneur and his thoughts on living […]

Founder Equity Exchange: Is This The Future?

Last year, First Round Capital made an announcement that I thought was  genius: FRC is the first venture fund to offer an equity exchange fund for entrepreneurs. Portfolio company founders were given the option to trade a small piece of stock in their personal venture in exchange for a piece of the action of the larger pool […]

Great Summer Internship For An NYC Startup Fanatic

I have recently been volunteering time with NYCEDC (New York City’s Innovation Hub) on a forthcoming project called NYC Venture Connect. NYCEDC and Mayor Bloomberg are doing some awesome stuff to promote entrepreneurship and startups in New York and I’m happy to be doing whatever I can to support the cause. Here is an opportunity […]

When Should A Founder Give Up?

When do you know it’s time? When do you know it’s really time to start the business, shut the business, expand the business, invest in the business, quit your job, end the job search and take the offer on the table, leave your spouse, marry your girl/boyfriend, move to Australia, come home from Australia? When […]

How To Deal With Rejection

You can tell a lot about someone’s character by how they handle rejection.   As a human you are likely to face rejection on an on-going basis (if not, you’re not taking enough risk!), but for founders the rejection is constant and never ending. Investors, potential customers, competitors the list goes on. You must adapt […]