Books I Frequently Recommend To MBAs


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I am frequently asked by MBA students I work with what books I recommend. Many of these students are like myself: generalists interested in startups, entrepreneurship and venture capital. This list is for you.

The following is a good starting point, but contains few surprises. My list likely overlaps with many others. For other great suggestions, search for lists by Tim Ferriss and Patrick O’Shaughnessy.

Non Fiction – Startups and Venture

Non Fiction – Management and Strategy

Non Fiction – Mental Frameworks


I love to read and you can see my full list on Goodreads.

Some Reading Advice:

  • You don’t have to read cover to cover. Number of books read is just a vanity metric. 
  • According to Nassim Taleb, the older the book, the better (lindy effect).
  • I have found successful reading is about timing: sometimes you read a book at exactly the right time for you — that is when magic happens. But since you can’t know if there will be magic in advance, just keep reading!

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