Best Books for an MBA

As the New York Times recently highlighted, a business student (or CEO’s) best friend is a well-constructed library. The following are the books that I highly recommend to any current, aspiring, or ’damn, why did I go to law school!’ MBA student. Certain titles may be a bit ‘atypical’ at first glance; indeed they are anything but.

[Note: each title links to the listing on]

The Power of Productivity

Atlas Shrugged

Against the Gods

The Little Prince

WSJ Guide to Understanding Money & Investing


The Art of War

The Long Tail

George Soros on Globalization

When Genius Failed

Guns Germs & Steel

Beating the Street

The Pyramid Principle

Innovator’s Dilemma

Art of the Start

Tufte on Envisioning Information

Handbook of Alternative Investments

Apologies to my boys Cramer, Friedman and Welch. You’ll be in round two.


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