Apples Latest New York Times Ad is Killer

mac vs. pc guy new york times advertisement interactive

Apple has a new ad placement spot that is tough to miss – the front page of the New York Times.

What’s particularly cool about this ad is that ‘PC guy’ actually appears to use the architecture of the Times’ website and clearly plays off the fact that the ad is being displayed on a newspaper’s homepage (references the Wall Street Journal, etc). This is a great example of where ads are headed in 2008 (more interactive and more aware of their environment).

I expect this campaign will continue to kill – I mean, even PC guy is now a Mac user!

Speaking of interactive ads, congratulations to Special Ops Media whose work was featured in yesterday’s New York Times:


“The 21st-century George and his show are being promoted on their own Web site (, where visitors can watch clips, listen to the theme song and retrieve digital trinkets like wallpapers, buddy icons, screen savers and downloadable desktop mascots.

The George-centric Web site, created by Special Ops Media in New York, is in addition to material on the Web site of Cartoon Network.�


[Disclosure, Special Ops is a firm my company has recently done work with]



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