Free Cell Phones from Google?

I love Google shirtThis past Monday, Google’s Chief Executive, Eric Schmidt was quoted as stating his belief that: “Your mobile phone should be free’…in exchange for watching short advertisements. Google has long theorized that as more users use multifunction cell phones for watching videos, news, surfing the web and emailing, more and more adverting dollars will move to portable devices.The significance of this statement is that it comes from Google“ if anyone could make such an major industry change, it would be Google, the company who currently ’owns’ the online advertising market and whose recent acquisition of YouTube was a strategic play to more quickly bring video to portable devices and cell phones.

Schmidt went on to explain one of Google’s current projects with industry altering implications is experimenting with delivering text, brand-images and video ads onto small-screen mobile phones. Google also wants to allow consumers to export their Web search history and e-mail archives to any other site or portable device. Google already has created an easy application for its email system (Gmail) on a mobile device.

Stated Schmidt, “Data should never be held hostage We are working to ensure that as long as it [information] is yours, we want to give you the equivalent of number portability.”

This is big stuff.


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