A Major Hook-Up: YouTube and Your Mobile Phone

Google YouTube

Although the headline did not get as much publicity as it deserved from the likes of Techcrunch and the New York Times, a revolutionizing event occurred today: YouTube is coming to mobile phones.

Make no mistake about it“ this is BIG TIME.

’Third Screen’ technology refers to using mobile phones to view and share traditional ’online media,’ such as websites, TV programs and video applications. While some savvy cell phone users have already been taking short videos and sending them via cell phone through services such as Veeker, the deal between Verizon and YouTube is the first step in the commercialization of this 2.0 technology miracle.

Using a mobile phone for services such as locating friends, updating Myspace profiles and leaving blog comments is nothing new; however, such technology is far from mass-market. Early adopters may have already created a Third Screen Film Festival, but the reality is that the pact with Verizon, coupled with the ease and increasing ubiquity of YouTube, is what is really going to jump-start mobile video sharing. It will only be a matter of time before camera phones are pass?©, and instead, cam-phones take over.

Specifically what makes this deal such a major milestone are potential communications applications, such as the use of video resumes, citizen media, video invitations, vlogging, movies, commercials and ..Free Cell Phones, just as Google predicted just a little over a week ago.

We’ll be writing more on this subject very soon, so stay posted.

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