You can lead a person to culture, but you can’t make them think

Someone was kind enough to submit my blog to Digg two days ago. This morning when I first noticed the link, I went to the article and viewed a comment that had been left. After reading the response, I felt compelled to respond…here is the exchange in its entirety:

Phibre States: ’the bright young things sam fawns over really need to be dropped off in the middle of the gobi.’Â�

My Response:

Phibre: This is Sam. I certainly value your opinion, but I ask you why these ’bright young things’ that I fawn over out to be ’dropped off in the Gobi’ as you put it?

Fawning actually means ’trying to the gain the favor of.’ I have never met or spoken to the author of BYT. I have no desire to gain anything from my promotion of the site nor do I even think the general demographic of BYT readers would be remotely interested in reading my blog.

So why did I write a glowing report of this website? My guess is that you are not from Washington, DC. If you were, you might be aware of the distinctive cultures that exist here: the prepsters in Georgetown, the power mongers of K Street and the think tanks and political masterminds of Capitol Hill. You have probably read stories about them on the homepage of Digg.

Well, lost in this shuffle of bureaucracy is the fact that this city also houses a sub-culture that doesn’t get mainstream press. We have artists, we have musicians, entrepreneurs and a thriving homosexual population; we have people who refuse to be defined by the conventions and rhetoric this city is founded upon.

We have a culture of people that most DCists could give a shit about ’“ but they exist and they deserve a voice. Innovation and creativity is not something that comes easily in a town defined by policy and genres. I applaud someone who takes the time after work to sit down and write an interview with a local band, or share their experiences at a gallery in Arlington. These are they types of stories and experiences that will never make the front page of Slashdot, Digg or, but they matter. They matter a whole lot and I’m truly sorry for you if you cannot understand the value in this.


*Title Quote by Tom Wolfe…he’s an author :)


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