Why the Web 2.0 Expo Will Rock and How You Can Go for FREE

The countdown to Web 2.0 San Francisco is on! I wanted to highlight a couple of sessions that I am really looking forward to.

Also, if you have not done so already, be sure to submit a quick anecdote, personal experience, or hack on the theme “how to do more with less” and you could be awarded a free ticket from LeveragingIdeas, courtesy of the great folks at O’Reilly Media and TechWeb. You can email me or submit a comment and I’ll be sure to publish the resulting advice and thoughts next week. Deadline is Friday.

Situation Normal, Everything Must Change.
(Simon Wardley, Canonical Ltd)

In today’s computing world, it can often feel like we are drowning in wave after wave of new trends such as mashups, service oriented architecture and cloud computing. Our  industry is moving from a product to a service based economy. This shift is a result of the commoditization of IT, but then again not all IT is being commoditized, some is still an innovation, isn’t it?
I couldn’t agree more that we’re shifting to a service based economy. Everything old is becoming new again. Especially in a world that is inundated by products with cool features and slick interfaces, the companies that will really stand out and succeed will place a high emphasis on understanding and supporting the customer.

(Doug Solomon and Gentry Underwood, IDEO)

Innovative companies increasingly want to collaborate across time, space and organizational structure restrictions. Web 2.0 technology holds great promise, but in practice often comes up short. This session focuses on how to maximize the value of technology, by systematically understanding human behavior, motivations, and organizational design to build optimal solutions.

There are many companies that implement web 2.0 applications and believe overnight their business processes will transform. Web 2.0 to a great extent is about sharing and participation, attributes that are rooted in the DNA of a company and the makeup of its individuals. My post yesterday about Context, Timing and Perception is very relevant here. A holistic approach must be taken to get adoption and buy-in for full potential to be realized.

I also have a number of friends with great panels I wanted to highlight:


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