Why People Join Online Social Networks

I looked around to find a list of reasons for why people join social networks. Since I could find none, I started making my own. Can anyone help out and add more?

  • To be social online
  • For specific technological functionality (photo sharing or other niche)
  • To use a common communications platform with friends/colleagues
  • To make online connections for insight (business leads, connections, info, etc)
  • Make online connections that ultimately become offline relationships
  • Stay organized or collaborate using a more efficient medium
  • Gain insider information, e.g. events, advance notice, etc
  • Feelings of self-worth or egotism (part of exclusive group)
  • Loyalty to former affiliation (Alumni, etc)
  • For material gain (incentives offered)
  • Mandated. Ex: Boss says you must
  • Show support for a cause or mission
  • Necessity to fulfill a future action (sign up for a show, etc)
  • Curiosity (people do not actively maintain accounts; join and leave)

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