What I Learned From a Street Jazz Band

Tonight, walking back from the gym I was greeted by a 15-person Jazz band playing in Dupont Circle. The guys were awesome — big horns, rhythm and sweet beats. But the best part was they weren’t okay with the crowd simply watching – they demanded more. At certain points the guys would walk into the crowd and pull people out to dance. Sure enough, within a few minutes there was an all-out dance party on the streets of DC spanning all ages, races and genders. It rocked.

So my question: why do social media sites not take a more active approach to participation? Imagine if someone from Facebook contacted you and asked you to join a group in-line with your likes or preferred activities (a real person mind you, not some pre-populated email)? Would you be more likely to join? To engage? I think I would. Let’s get some advocates on these sites!

Sometime people just need a push.


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