WallStrip Joins CBS

wallstrip lindsay campbell

Apparently CBS has purchased WallStrip.

The announcement broke on Jossip and the deal is said to be valued at $5M. WallStrip is not thought to currently generate any revenue.

According to Michael Arrington the deal is said to be focused on signing Lindsay Campbell: ’CBS was keen to have Campbell on board and a cast iron contract meant that acquiring WallStrip was the only way they could get to her. Campbell has talent but if this was the driving reason behind the buy, they’d better hope she can tap dance as well.’Â�

Even if the deal is primarily to sign Lindsay, I think it’s a good deal for CBS. First, while WallStrip has experimented with commercials it hasn’t featured that many. Part of this is probably because the show hasn’t commanded a large enough audience to get the advertisers it would like. Exposure on CBS means a much larger audience and CBS provides resources WallStrip never would have had previously.

In Campbell, CBS gets an actress proven to understand market lingo and the skills to talk about finance convincingly. Attractive women with personality who can talk stocks should not be underestimated, especially as many are predicting a second coming of ’stock craze mania.’ Look at the brandable success of Suzie Orzman or the success of Cramer.

The danger is of course that the zaniness and sometime hurtfully honest appraisals may be subdued under big network ownership. Nevertheless, WallStrip has provided me with hours of comedy and insight and I look forward to its 2.0 version.


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