Tip: Use Gmail for File Storage


I have been using this technique since the day I opened my Gmail account, but I guess it is not as intuitive as I thought. Gmail allows you to store a massive amount of information on their system, so one great use for Gmail is to store important files: Scan copies of your transcript, resume, address book, etc and email it to yourself as an attachment.

Mark each email with an intuitive title (subject, i.e. “Resume 11.1.2006) and then click the star button. Any email you ’star’ you can easily find by doing a search for starred items.

This way if you’re ever in a pinch, needing personal information, you can access it from any computer in the world. If you’re near a Kinkos you can print it.

***Just a reminder that you should also keep a current copy of your resume on a JumpDrive like the one we sell in our store. You never know when an opportunity could randomly fall into your lap. Be ready to take advantage of the situation.


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