Idea: “Time Arbitrage” and Television Shows

time arbitrage

Arbitrage is simply a technique employed to take advantage of differences in price. If you’re a television producer, or just a TV junkie, here is my idea to take advantage of (and monetize) a new kind of arbitrage opportunity ‘“ time.

With the exception of 24, television shows generally do not pick up from the exact the point where they left off. There is usually a period of time that has elapsed – anywhere from a week to a month.

I think a neat way to make a show more interactive and engaging would be to offer ‘character blogs.’ Die hard fans would read the various blogs during the week to keep tabs on what particular characters are doing during show downtime. The following week’s episode could even reference certain events that were written about in the blogs.

Example: I don’t watch much television these days, but I did see the final episode of the OC. So, imagine Seth Cohen writing a few blog entries each week. He talks about indie music, comic books and Summer Roberts. A studio could simply pay a college student to manage the blog and occasionally give him or her a few specific topics or ‘keywords’ to mention. These keywords or events would then appear in future show scripts. The uber fans smile when they catch the references on prime time, because they have a special connection with these characters through sneak peeks into their private lives.

Adieu OC:

Lastly, I want to ask readers a question. A friend of mine posed a scenario I have not yet seen blogged about: One of the OC’s final scenes shows Ryan asking a troubled youth ‘Kid, you need some help?’ Question: could this be Ryan’s son? Theresa’s child who presumably would have been about that age?

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