There’s Something Happening Here…

Interesting stuff happening in the interactive space!

Brand Architect reports via the Wall Street Journal that,

“In an unusual arrangement, which began Jan. 1, (Nokia) has hired Wieden + Kennedy, an eight-office agency with a reputation for creative work, and JWT, the 196-office behemoth based in New York, to market its cellphones globally.�

States Patrick,

“The implications…are enormous…Global advertising agencies become the production shops of smaller agencies that are essentially the idea company.â€�

So small is the new big, at least in terms of ideas? Can reach and creative be balanced?

Innovation Playground believes so, suggesting the future belongs to “small creative hot shops +digital strategy consultants +global media agency.�

From my vantage point this all seems on point. Though on a much smaller scale, I have personally witnessed in the past few months “up and comingâ€� creatives (the idea guys) get in the door at some of the biggest brands and successfully pitch them on campaigns. Brand managers are looking for energy; really innovative ideas especially leveraging social media. Brand managers are not currently finding what they want with the big guys and it’s opening a world of opportunity for smaller niche players.


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