Teaching Dad About the Internet Circa 1994

I swear – I am not a dork :)

I was home this weekend and grabbed a book off my father’s bookshelf. It was a title I had not seen in ages – The Whole Internet Users Guide. Protruding from the top was a sheet of paper that looked like a letter. It was!

The following is a letter I must have written and given to my father along with this old-school O’Reilly Media book back in 1994. I would have been 14 years old:


I am glad you are interested in the world wide web (part of the internet) but as you know, to learn first requires background reading! I was going to show you how to just sign-on, but believe me this will be far more beneficial than if you were just blindly signing-in without knowing what you were participating in – for instance – you would not try a cigarette if you knew what was inside it. Now you an probe into the actual structure and concept of this vast resource without blindly participating; you’ll be a step ahead of most!


As my Mom said, ‘he’s come a long ways.’

Here is an image of the actual letter



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