Tag: Venture Capital

New Amex Commercial Spoofs on Venture Capital

“I need to get on the flight to San Francisco…[I’ve got} a big venture capital pitch for my business” -From a new American Express Open commercial. View the video below [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN7FucPlQ90[/youtube]

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Evolving Venture Models: Preemptive Buyouts

Last February I suggested a possible hybrid-model for venture capital firms: locating pre-VC backed technology plays, buying them on the cheap, then augmenting the companies with a pre-assembled all-star team of managers. Looks like Austin

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Social Media

Funding For Social Apps Heats Up

PaidContent has released its second installment of the Social Media Deals Report. The team analyzed deal flows over a 15-month period: Venture Investment Into Social First Companies: Total number of investments: 400 Total number of

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