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Harry and Louise Return, Single Out Startups

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGvkZszS21Y[/youtube] Louise: You know…Lisa’s husband just found out he has cancer Harry: But, he’s covered, right? Louise: No! He just joined a startup and he can’t afford a plan -Commercial from HarryandLouisereturn.com (see video above).

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Introducing StartupTweet

Today I am launching StartupTweet, a website I dreamed up last Friday. StartupTweet allows anyone to contribute to a knowledge-share of resources (posts, links, video, files) focused on startups and entrepreneurs. With the help of

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WrapMail: Making Email More Viral

I don’t often review companies anymore. However WrapMail is a company worth talking about, especially in light of my recent focus on effective methods for marketing early-stage companies. I initially encountered WrapMail in the latest

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