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The Phrase Enterprise 2.0 Is a Problem

I have been following the progress of FASTforward 2008 with great interest. My new project – Workstreamer – is to be a new entrant in what most now refer to as the ‘Enterprise 2.0′ space.

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Social Networking

Your Facebook Profile is Worth $306.12

I don’t have much to say on Facebook/Microsoft deal, expect to say, “wow, that’s a lot of money.â€� Nevertheless, I wanted to provide some vaguely helpful insight, so I started digging into a few numbers.

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The Steve Ballmer Ballad

From the comments of a great blog (see my analysis below): Ravi on October 2nd, 2007: It is funny when bloggers make this type of simplistic arguments that Ballmer doesn’t get it, but Scoble does.

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Debatable Humor

I rarely write about images, but when I came across this today I had to post it. Here are my questions: Do you find this image funny? Is this image racist? Would this image be

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