SuiteMatch Launches Marketplace for Shared Office Space

SuiteMatch appears to have launched a marketplace for shared office space in New York City. NYC startups could surely use just such a service! Currently, users can list spaces for free as well as search the listings for free. There are 22 listings with prices from the $500’s-$5,000 per month. SuiteMatch is a great service, but the trick will be whether or not they can spread awareness of their brand and website to the point that folks outside of other startups will create listings. Also — this is New York City. Unless there is some barter going on, even a low price per month is likely too high for most cash-poor startups. While there isn’t much info available on the company via Google, it appears that one of the founders is Barry Mazza of Always Water, a NYC-based design studio.

From the website:

When an individual or company with extra offices, unused workspace or empty cubicles rents or subleases to another individual or company, we call it shared workspace. Think of it as an office within an office.


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