Rethinking the Firm: The Era of Agile

Thank you Umair Haque!

I have been writing and talking about the fundamental shifts we are seeing in work culture for quite some time. A couple examples are here and here. I even have dedicated a category of this blog to the phenomenon I call “tech’nomics,â€� or the intersection/impact that technology has on the economy. So it is exciting to see well-known influencers in the space agreeing with Umair and adding to the conversation. It’s especially exciting since we’re building Workstreamr to be a player in this new world.

AVC recently stated:

What Umair is suggesting is that technology, particularly Internet technology, has changed that equation fundamentally. That the transaction and other costs are declining rapidly and the “nature of the firm” must change as well.

…And I agree completely with that thinking. To me, the idea that Microsoft should purchase Yahoo! in order to build a better infrastructure for online advertising (and profit from that) is just old school thinking. What should happen is the exact opposite. Yahoo! should break itself up into a number of smaller firms that can be more agile, more nimble, and more connected to the market.

I couldn’t agree more.

Look for a related post later today on the Workstreamr Blog.


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