Curt Schilling: Loudmouthed Self-Promoter, or PR Genius?

curt schilling bloody sock

I have been a Sox fan forever having grown up in Maine. Right now I’m loving the punishment Boston has been doling out to opponents, especially the Yanks.

While I was not paying attention, Curt Schilling the Red Sox ace (and resident loudmouth) has gone off and created his own blog (WordPress) called 38 Pitches. In addition, Shilling has started a video game company called Green Monster Games.

While many athletes have personal home pages and some celebrities have blogs, these traditionally tend to be censored by PR agents and used more as marketing ploys than anything else. Schilling on the other hand has always been very outspoken (not always positively) and his antics include frequently calling into Boston Radio Stations. Unlike most other athlete or celeb blogs I have seen, Schilling truly uses his as a platform to communicate with fans. And the fans respond ’“ many entries have as many as 300 comments.

From a PR perspective, the blog seems a mixed bag. On the one hand Schilling gets to promote himself and his sometimes wacky beliefs. He also gets to set the record straight when (he thinks) he is misrepresented by reporters. On the other hand, Curt also runs the risk of making comments that can be misconstrued or used against him at a later date.

Schilling’s most recent media appearance was the horrible diatribe against Barry Bonds, but Schilling used his blog as means for issuing a public apology to Barry and his family. For the most part, fan reaction has been more ’thanks for being man-enough to apologize’ than ’Curt, you’re a moron.’ So, maybe there really is valuable substance to athletes maintaining blogs; time will tell.



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