Reality Check: The Truth Behind Finding a Job Online

Part II of II

Sam Huleatt,

So, how can a school help its new graduates and young alumni get jobs, if subscribing to most job-listing websites is a waste of time? First, some job-listing services are superior to others, especially those with ’niche’ postings. For example, allows schools to list jobs specifically offered by that school’s alumni. This approach will definitely produce more success stories, since the playing field is much narrower. Still, the ’niche’ method is limited, especially for small schools with smaller populations from which to draw such listings. Also, as globalization takes over, employers may be less likely to hire someone simply based on the fact they went to the same undergraduate school.

The real opportunity, is to emphasize the value of ’networking’ and developing the skills and techniques necessary to seek out the 80% of unlisted jobs and to furthermore to receive ’preferential treatment’ once a resume has been submitted. Preferential treatment occurs when a resume is submitted directly to a recruiter by a friend, colleague or current employee. These ’friends of friends’ resume submissions tend to be looked at in much greater detail – they are not simply glanced over, but often placed immediately on top of the pile. A ’friend of a friend’ resume submissions is taken more seriously since these ’friends’ tend to follow-up on the status of a submitted resume. Even if the applicant is ultimately not given the job, this follow-up process can result in critical feedback, or suggestions for other available positions. address the most effective methods for creating and leveraging your network of contacts. Our information helps explain to students and young professioanls how to remain proactive in following-up and staying alert to? new opportunities. Navigating through the many channels? of potential contacts, as well as learning the art of self-promotion, is critical for someone who wants not only to land a job, but who wants to land the ’best possible’ job. In addition, IntelliCommuity is a niche social networking community allowing users to build networks of contacts to maximize the opportunity for learning about the 80% of superior jobs not listed on the internet.


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