Notes from Abroad: Europe Edition


Some notes following an awesome two week vacation to Spain (Barcelona, Rioja, San Sebastian and Bilbao) and London:

  • The number of nice cars in London is outrageous
  • Eating Pinxtos in San Sebastian is the best.
    • Question: why does this style of restaurant not work in a City like New York? Health code?
  • Food prices in Spain are very reasonable; great place for a culinary trip
  • A good concierge/bell hop can make a trip (especially if you didn’t have time for pre-trip internet research)
  • Ironically we also had an Airbnb mishap: Despite excellent customer service, I’m not sure if I would trust it internationally again.
    • A “trust network” is definitely needed (RFS/Startup Idea?)
  • Why is wifi less expensive (or free) the cheaper the lodging?
  • The new Travel Pro rolling bag I bought six months ago is my favorite purchase of the year so far.
  • It’s great to have free museums in London but the crowds are insane.
  • Free museums should allow photos because it exacerbates crowd issues: posed pictures create back-up and frustrated tourists
  • Foursquare really needs to improve its explore functionality!
  • Foursquare is annoying when traveling internationally because you can’t check-in offline
    • I want to download on offline map/venue list
  • It’s difficult to find international stamps

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