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I recently had the privilege of interviewing Nathan Kaiser the founder of nPost is a website dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship by offering niche job postings focused on the startup community. The site also offers numerous resources (see below) and serves as a gathering place for the startup community. nPost is the best site I have come across for job seekers or employers focused on early stage companies ‘“ clearly the best type of jobs out there.

Here’s why you should check out

Job Seekers: Job seekers will love nPost because it is niche and focused. The only job listings are for startups, so if that’s your area of interest, you won’t find better targeted listings. The resources are invaluable as well’

Employers: Employers will eat up nPost because it provides a community of self-selected talent. Whereas sites like Techcrunch Jobs or Craigslist have such a massive audience that you may get 100 resumes of 90% junk, at you are more likely to get folks motivated and specifically focused on startups since nPost’s growth has largely come by world of mouth and referrals. Plus they offer very attractive advertising rates!

Everyone: By far the best resource of the site is the 167+ interviews with startup company founders and CEOs, including the likes of Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia) and Craig Newmark (Craigslist). Nathan and Nick have been conducting these interviews since 1999 and view it as the most enjoyable aspect of their jobs. Reading through many of the interviews provided hours of entertainment and exposed me to tremendous insights and companies I was previously unaware of.

Nathan is accompanied by his rocket-scientist come design guru business partner Nick. Apparently the duo has a few more tricks up their sleeves and will be getting an ‘upgrade’ in the near future. While the guys were hesitant to expose any of their next generation features, based on our talk, I suspect that in short order it will be Nathan and Nick who are the founders being interviewed and not vice versa.


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