MyBlogLog Hack: Traffic and Authority from Tags

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As most MyBlogLog users have noticed there is a new tagging feature. As far as I can tell it doesn’t matter if you tag yourself or someone else tags you. Most people have tagged themselves and their communities with keywords (’tags’Â�) describing them.

So what does this matter? Well, if you click a tag, say ’Social Media’ you can see all communities and people tagged with ’Social Media.’ The more people who have added the same tag to a community or personal profile, the higher-up the profile will be shown on a search for Social Media (MyBlogLog associates more tags with more authority). Thus, it is in your best interest not to get 100 different tags, but rather 100 tags for the same keyword, in this case ‘Social Media.’

For the next week, anyone who tags My Profile or the LeveragingIdeas Community will have the favor returned by me.


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