Making It Happen to Get Shift Done

Last year I blogged that one of my favorite expressions was “Make It Happen.â€� To me, it means no more bullshit — just get it done.

For one of the projects we’re working on we recently brainstormed on possible taglines. ‘Make it happen’ (not surprisingly) was at the top of the list. Unfortunately a startup called PlanHQ (collaboration software for startups) has used the name for their blog and a few other companies have used the phrase pervasively in copy. As a result, we’ve decided against using it, but I am left wondering how trademarks apply to taglines? Also, when is it okay to use a phrase someone else is using and which they did not invent? For example, since ‘Make it happen’ is a universally known phrase can it even be trademarked?

One of the new expressions/taglines we’re considering is “Get Shift Done,â€� but we’re unsure if it’s too funny or aggressive? The “shift’ represents a shift in the way people approach work (based on the technology we’re developing’ and of course, is a play on words. Thoughts?

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