A Long Week Made More Fun

It has been a long week of exams and I have one more to go. I spent the night at Starbucks; not exactly a fun Friday night.

Here are two things that have made this otherwise hellish week a bit more fun:

1. Charlie the Unicorn

The video is absolutely ‘out there’ but look for it to hit cult status soon. I watched it. Then I watched it again. It appears to be created by Flimcow. It gets a mention here, has made the Urban Dictionary as an entry and appears on Myspace.


2. Maine: Home of Mainiacs

Having grown up in Maine, I can’t get enough of this… The Loggins family from Auburn puts on an annual Holiday light extravaganza unlike anything you could imagine. The light show consists of over 100,000 lights. According to this article a fist fight broke out while neighbors waited in line this week. You can view a video here.

The Loggins family also maintains its own Holiday radio station, prominently placing a sign in the yard reading: “Tune to Christmas radio FM 88.1” Also, the family was recently forced to unplug the lights after traffic got out of control forcing the police to intervene. Awesome!



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