LeveragingIdeas Now has a BlogPlan and So Should You

I know I have been saying this FOREVER, but my blog redesign will hopefully be out at the end of next week. In conjunction with the redesign, I have also prepared an official blog business plan (“blogplan”) for LeveragingIdeas.com and have made it publicly available here via Scribd. (Note: Scribd isn’t working so I am going with Zoho Writer). I encourage your feedback and suggestions – particularly because this plan will serve as the guiding force for my strategy and content for the foreseeable future.

A blogplan is a great exercise to help authors focus their content and strategies as well as to clarify (both for an author and his or her readers) what exactly is the purpose of all this writing effort. It’s an important question.

If you like the format of the plan I used, please feel free to use something similar, i.e. steal it. I looked around for other blog business plans and did not find much. While this is obviously not a very in-depth plan, I think it’s a good start.


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