The Law of 10,000 Hours for Expertise

law of 10,000 hours

We had a great entrepreneurship conference today at Hopkins, although competing with the 68 degree weather was tough.

I thought the web 2.0 panel was terrific and I really appreciate Stowe Boyd, Clarence Wooten and Brian Balfour taking part. � If anyone is interested, be sure to check out the conference website (created by my soon to launch company) and take part in conversations and networking.

I wanted to talk about a neat concept Stowe Boyd shared with me today. The law of 10,000 hours is a scientifically researched and documented benchmark for the minimum amount of time needed to establish expertise in any area. To put 10,000 hours into perspective is the equivalent of three hours per day, everyday for over nine years. This study came about by monitoring and ranking the expertise of musicians.

I remember when I was learning to play squash in high school. Since I had not played growing up, I felt I was significantly behind other players. Nevertheless I was motivated and really wanted to play in college. My strategy was to log as much court time as possible (in squash you can do significant training simply by drilling solo) thinking that I could make up for lost time. Little did I know I was acting on the 10,000 hour law.

I also remember a favorite expression of my father’s back when I played baseball. He used to tell me, ’If you’re not practicing, you can be sure someone, somewhere is.’Â�

So my countdown to blogging expertise: Maybe around age 45.


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