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Beautiful weather here in DC today! I apologize for the typos in yesterday’s blog entry ‘“ my spell checker must not have been running properly and I have become a lazy writer as I have become more and more busy. From this point forward for anyone who points out blatant misspellings or typos I will highlight a website of your choice and hopefully drive a little traffic that way. This does not apply to past entries however.

I just got back from lunch with a friend and figured I’d pop into Kramer Books, a famous DC bookstore. I ran into a few titles I had not seen before but thought I would highlight with links to Amazon.com.

The Foundation: How Private Wealth is Changing the World ‘“ The book traces the history of this distinctly American phenomenon by considering the philanthropy of such financial titans as Andrew Carnegie, George Soros and Warren Buffett. The book serves as a guide to the origins, initiatives, successes and failures among the largely unsung 68,000 private foundations in America. Review (see March 21)

Ugly Americans – A recent Princeton graduate in the mid-1990s, John Malcolm accepts an undefined job offer from an American expatriate in Japan to work in the investments field. Though he has no prior experience, John facilitates $25M worth of trades on his first day on the job; from there things spiral out of control quickly. Review

The Kings of New York – The story of a year spent with Brooklyn’s Edward R. Murrow High School chess team as it strives for a national championship. The author describes what it takes to be a successful high-level chess player, the difficulties women have in this world, the very nature of the game and the phenomenon of young chess prodigy. Website

**Note: I definitely read books by women authors as well. It just so happens those books highlighted are all by males.


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