How to Install GetSatisfaction Widget on a WordPress Blog


You will notice on the right hand side a new button called “Feedback.” It’s a widget built and supported by GetSatisfaction* and I recently got to meet the founders Lane and Thor in Denver. My hope for this widget is to allow readers easier access to providing feedback and suggestions helping to make this blog more interactive and community oriented. Honestly, it’s difficult to consistently come up with new ideas and content for a blog and and so now I’m asking for your help…

Please use GetSatisfaction’s Feedback widget on the right to submit ideas for topics, interviews or analysis you’d like me to cover (assuming it’s germane!)

How to Install GetSatisfaction Widget on WordPress:

I noticed that there was no simple explanation for how to install the GetSatisfaction Feedback widget for WordPress blogs. Here you go:

1) Go to GetSatisfaction and add the name of your blog or company if not already in the directory (You will have to claim yourself as an employee as well)

2) Copy the embed code and open the “widgets” tab in your WordPress Admin

3) Add a new Text box to your widgets (Tutorial Video)

4) Open the empty Text Box widget and insert the embed code. Save all and you are ready to rock!

*Getsatisfaction on Crunchbase


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