I’m With Stupid: Shopdropping iPods

Several days before Christmas I covered the new counterculture craze of shopdropping.

A shopdrop has occurred in Maryland and it’s making national headlines as well as upsetting Fake Steve. A young girl thought she was getting an iPod for Christmas but upon opening the package found a note instead:

“Reclaim your mind from the media shackles. Read a book and resurrect yourself. To claim your capitalistic garbage go to your nearest Apple Store.â€�

The thing of it is IMO the iPod actually ENABLES people to “reclaim the mind from the media shackles�…

1) iPods allow people to take advantage of the long tail of music (contrast with radio or what a record store stocks)

2) iPods allow for ebooks and podcasts; often alternatives to mainstream media

3) Aside from the initial outlay, an iPod can help people build a music collection at a fraction the cost of buying hard-copy books or music

4) My guess is that from a sustainability standpoint, an iPod has a smaller footprint than publishing 100,000 paper backs


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