How Skype Could Help Land You a Job

skype_logo.pngFirst, what is Skype? If you are a college student or young professional and have not heard of Skype, you are missing out BIG TIME! Skype lets you make free calls over the internet to anyone“ whether or not they have a Skype account. That’s right, you can call your mom’s cell phone, your friend at USC, or your favorite customer service agent (800) number) for free! No more wasting cell phone minutes!

Skype works with most any computer that supports a high-speed connection and which has a microphone and speakers. If you don’t have a microphone, click here to order one Cheap Microphones – Tiger Direct (less than $10) or you can try and configure a Bluetooth ear piece if you have one of those.

Why is Skype so great? Skype is the best because the sound quality is fantastic. When you sign-in, a keypad pops-up which looks exactly like a real telephone keypad. Thus, if you call a customer service number and need to press # or a number, you do it right from your computer. Skype also supports free conference calling, instant messaging and now“ SkypeIn allows you to add a real phone number associated with your account for a very minimal cost. The price for one SkypeIn number is 10 Euro for a 3 month subscription or 30 Euro for a 12 month subscription“ this means you pay roughly $38 for a year of free calls and voicemails! SkypeIn allows you select from a huge of selection of area codes“ and SkypeIn does need to be running to receive calls because it include free voicemail that you can customize. Thus, if an employer calls your SkypeIn number but you are away and your computer is shut off, you will still get the voicemail. For important calls you can pay a small amount and have calls forwarded to your cell phone, or any other phone number you wish.

So, how can Skype help you get a job? Okay here is the 411: Skype is the most inexpensive (and functional) voicemail system we can think of. You’re graduating and you can’t afford a cell phone get Skype. Or, let’s say you have a cell phone but the area code if for California. But maybe you really want a job in New York City“ by having a New York City area code, you just made it seem like you live there. Maybe your house phone line has an embarrassing answering machine message, or it’s a crap shoot whether your roommate will give you a message. Get a Skype number with free voicemail and never worry about it again!

IntelliGrad loves Skype and we will periodically feature other uses for the service. If you have not already, it’s definitely worth checking out“ the instant message ability is also very good and it isn’t full of stupid commercials and pop-ups like AIM. Finally, Skype is now owned by eBay so you can be sure there will be plenty of new innovation coming out of Skype soon.


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