Higher Education Needs To Embrace Social Networking

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Offline social networks have existed for years in one form or another (Church and Rotary are classic example).

One of the many excuses used by higher education to avoid offering a social network platform to students and alumni is the last of older demographics. Yet 30+ demographic does use more niche professional networks like Linkedin.

Another even older online networking group is the Elder Wisdom Council, recently featured in the Wall Street Journal. The Elder Wisdom Council is composed of online users, most over the age of 60, a sort of ‘Dear Abby’ offering advice to anonymous advice requesters via email.

Clearly, the desire to participate and connect via online networks does exist for demographics of all ages. So, how can schools take advantage if current online networks (MySpace.com, Facebook.com, Friendster.com) are not viable options (due to a lack of control) and building a custom social network is not financially feasible?

The optimal way for a school to take advantage of the power of online social networking is still by working with a trusted third party willing to work in partnership with a school.

IntelliGrad.com does exactly that.

When a school subscribes to IntelliGrad it buys a relationship with a superior third-party social networking service.

IntelliGrad operates as a niche social network focused on creating a professional environment geared toward networking and collaboration, not say, online dating.

An IntelliGrad user profile is effectively a business card, but unlike Myspace.com or Friendster.com it’s not anything goes. In addition, IntelliGrad’s closed circuit network adds extra security, ensuring the validity of a school’s alumni and eliminating worry over potential for racy photos, fake profiles, or being contacted about a date.

Since IntelliGrad.com works in partnership with a school, users can be more carefully screened. For example, under the IntelliGrad business model, a school’s alumni office is responsible for issuing passwords and login identifications, providing added layers of security.

As a closed circuit network, interested users can optionally identify themselves as willing to be contacted by other users with job related questions, or as willing to serve as a mentor for recent graduates.

IntelliGrad.com is the best way for a school to engage both current students and alumni with an online networking experience.

Using IntelliGrad is the best way for schools take advantage of a large-scale, interactive online community.


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