Hack: How to Eliminate Email Clutter

Email Clutter

Here is my simple hack for eliminating unnecessary emails.

Treat each email like a phone call.

For example, the email ’Dude you want to grab drinks on Friday at McFlannery’s’ 8pm?’ would also work as a phone call to that same buddy.

Your buddy might then respond via email, ’Sure, McFlannery’s at 8pm is perfect.’ Again, this works as a phone call. At this point unless you respond to say you need to change plans, it should be obvious that the plan is set ’“ especially if it’s a friend and not a new business associate.

If you were now to respond, ’killer, see you then!’Â�

’ and your friend was to reply, ’Word!’Â�

You can see how you would probably not pick up the phone, dial and say something that really adds no value.

Putting each email in the context of a phone call is a simple and effective way to drastically cut down on email clutter.


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