Hack: How to Meet an Influencer

It is a fact of life: the more influential you are, the nicer the hotel you stay at. Based on this truthieness, here are two very similar hacks.

Hack #1. Let’s say you’re traveling internationally and want to mingle with a jet setter crowd, but you’re on a tight budget. Simply locate the nicest hotel in your particular city and head there. In general most 5+ star international hotels have a fantastic lounge with wifi, bars and coffee. Park yourself there for the afternoon and strike up casual conversations with the folks around you. You’re likely to meet some interesting, wealthy and intelligent people. As a side note, for a great deal on a boutique hotel check out Tablet Hotels…awesome site!

Hack #2. Most big-name events in the technology industry (and in most other industries) draw in A-list experts and celebrities as speakers…South by Southwest, TED, etc. A friend of mine decides well in advance which conferences he wants to attend and then splurges on a top hotel located near the venue since this is where the A-listers are lost likely to stay. At this year’s South by Southwest he had a conversation with Jeff Bezos in the hallway – makes paying an extra couple hundred a night seem like a good spend :)

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