Get Rid of Unread Gmail Messages Cluttering your Inbox

Yesterday I mentioned that I have started using Google notifier plus Growl. I love it, but I was noticing an issue. Often I receive emails that I intend to read, but don’t have time to read right then. In Gmail I simply leave them as ‘unread.’ Over time, these unread emails accumulate to the point where I will have 250+ unread emails (these are not SPAM).

The issue is that Google Notifier will constantly update/ping me with ‘new-old messages’, thinking that my old, unread emails were just sent. In the past I had tried to find an easy way to delete all these unread emails, but couldn’t figure out how. Now I have.


In the Gmail search bar, type:


This will pull all your unread Gmail messages onto one screen.

You can delete, or read from there.

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