Frustrations with Media Coverage of the Financial Crisis


In my opinion, we are currently witnessing some of the most significant news events in the last decade — right now — and amazingly it would seem the television media is oblivious.

Tonight’s television programming was so frustrating and perhaps revealing into some of what has landed us all in this precarious mess.

Flipping on the TV around 8pm, I wanted to hear analysis on the AIG bridge loan. CNBC was airing a program on innovation involving Timberland. The major networks kept regularly scheduled programming – Seinfeld and Friends. Larry King brought on Suzy Orman as a guest. Suzy Orman is a personal finance expert, not the person who should be talking to macro economic issues. Then Larry follows up with Dr. Phil. Seriously? Anderson Cooper had a group of females who simply took their respective political sides and then yelled at each other over irrelevant information not at all germane to the issues. Who cares about these trivial Obama/Palin details? Oh wait, McCain is running for President, not Palin! Damn.

Why can’t someone informed and NEUTRAL speak to what’s going on? Is having analysts fight and bicker really considered issue analysis? As Paul Kedrosky keeps pointing out, the only person really doing quality television journalism right now is Charlie Rose.

Charlie – thank you.

It’s so frustrating to be an educated, progressive American right now.


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