Friday’s Featured Friend: Campus Reader


Campus Reader is a new site that aggregates the feeds from 300 on-line college newspapers around the US. One cool feature is that the website automatically detects where you are located and serves up local, regional and national college news in a number of categories.

According to Michael Arrington at TechCrunch, Campus Reader is having a hard time dealing with traffic right now, so pages may be slow to load.

Campus Reader was created by three recent college grads in Michigan – Adam Long, Steve Richert and Carl Paulus. It’s got loads of AJAX“ a new development in coding often thought of as Web 2.0. This means it’s cool.

When users click on headlines they are taken to a summary page where stories can be rated and commented on. You cannot read the full text for legal reasons“again, according to Michael it’s a catch-22 really because everyone wants to read the full story, but an aggregation sites cannot claim full articles are their own.

Campus reader is a great way to stay informed about your former or current alma mata“ or it can be a very useful tool to keep apprised of current events and on-campus speakers at nearby universities that you may want to attend.


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