Evolving Social Dynamics: Media Consumption Patterns and People Skills

How is the Internet affecting people’s offline interaction? Overall, based on your observations, do you think younger generations suffer from a lack of people skills?

For example, if kids might opt to stay inside to play video games, watch TV or to surf the net, does this mean that they miss out on developing skill-sets such as ‘being able to read people?’ If so, the implications for such generational changes could be far reaching.

Or is it the opposite? Do kids actually have a better understanding of people because they are exposed to levels of honesty and emotion (via blogs, virtual worlds, TV and video games) that actually make them wise beyond their years? When people are accustomed to thinking and typing a conversation over IM or email, does that lead to the same people being more thoughtful or strategic before they speak?

Most likely it is some indefinable combination. Generation Y is exposed to so much information that it is impossible to escape the ’realities’ of the world: porn, death, violence and hate are no longer concepts from which discerning parents can protect their kids ’“ or at least monitor their consumption. At the same time, to be exposed to violence on the latest Xbox game is one thing, but to be beat-up on the playground, or forced to deal with a real-life bully is quite another.


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