Ending A Cell Phone Contract Without Paying a Termination Fee


MyMoneyBlog has a great article today describing how to LEGALLY get out of a cell-phone contract rather than having to pay $150+ in fines.

For example, an IntelliGrad staff member recently wanted to upgrade to a Sidekick, however, Verizon refused to give her a discount on a new phone since she was in the middle of a two year contract. Verizon wanted to charge her over $500 for a Sidekick! Our girl responded:

“Well I could break my current Verizon contract for $175 and get a new Sidekick from Cingular for Free!” effectively saving herself $325 from sticking with Verizon.

EVEN BETTER is that she ultimately never had to pay Verizon a $175 contract cancellation fee! Read MyMoneyBlog’s article and then take a look at this great How-To from WikiHow.


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