Does Size Matter?

Scoble suggests that size shouldn’t matter, at least as far as traffic and audience goes.


For me, engagement matters most. I love to see in my analytics that people arrive and spend serious time reading many posts. It’s great to think people are waiting with baited breath for my next post, but that isn’t happening and I don’t particularly care. What I want is for my blog to be a resource that transcends time. When people think social media, entrepreneurship and startups, I want Leveraging Ideas to be a “must read.â€� Two years from now, the fact that some company went to the deadpool won’t matter. However, the analysis of why they did might. I write as a long-term investor.

I think Gapingvoid has a perfect description of how I view blogs:

“A simple device to stay on people’s radar screens, hopefully in a meaningful wayâ€�


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