Founder Mindset: Developing a Superior Psychology

Entrepreneurship is extremely difficult. The road is paved with ambiguities, ups and downs and strained relationships. But there is one certainty – the entrepreneurs with a superior psychology are the ones who ultimately triumph. Paul Graham has an amazing essay on fundraising he published this month. It’s a must read. Paul gets at this very notion.

Unlike say, pro basketball, entrepreneurship doesn’t discriminate based on things outside an individual’s control like speed, size or sheer athletic ability. Certain people have more connections and more access to capital. However, even then, that advantaged person needs the right mentality to capitalize on those advantages. While such people are fortunate, they can only stay ahead of the curve for so long. There is such a high correlation between mindset and success that an entrepreneur with a superior psychology can catchup — any lack of advantage can be overcome rapidly.

I hope to refine my thinking on this topic and post some concrete examples or tactics useful in maintaining a positive and superior psychology.


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