Daniel Squadron: Political Entrepreneur

On Thursday I had the privilege of attending an event thrown for Daniel Squadron, a 28 year old Democrat currently running for State Senate. I’ve met Daniel a few times over the last few years and like him a lot. He understands that most people, especially younger folks, don’t know or particularly care about state government. However Daniel’s not afraid to give you an earful on why it does matter. New York State government used to be a leading force in key legislations. He’d like see it return to its once prominent form. In contrast, current turnout for state elections is so low that simply getting 9,000 votes would likely be a clear victory for either candidate (and this is in New York City mind you!). Bottom line is a win may only be 9000 votes away…but it won’t be easy.

Daniel, a former assistant to Chuck Schumer, is facing tough competition – a republican an incumbent who has been in office for something like 30 years and only been challenged a handful of times. Daniel sees lots of opportunity in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan, especially in advocating for mixed income development (to keep and strengthen neighborhoods) and pushing for incentives for small business (Daniel is himself an entrepreneur, once owning a restaurant). Daniel’s family are true New Yorkers and as he explains it, ‘from the time his great grandfather got off on Ellis Island up through Daniel’s graduation from Yale’ New York has offered opportunities to generations of his family that wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else. Daniel wants to ensure this always remains the case here in the city.

I support Daniel both as a friend, and entrepreneur and politician. I’d encourage those in our district to contribute to the campaign and help spread the word.

**Also see my past post on Derek Donnelly, another young entrepreneur-politician.

Update: Good interview with Dan


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