Pumpkinhead Launches as About.me

I never break news anymore as it’s almost impossible to compete these days with the mainstream tech blogs. However… It *appears* that the super stealth startup, Pumpkinhead, has now launched under the (much improved) name: About.me. And it looks really neat! The founders of About.me include Tim Young (CEO of Socialcast) and Tony Conrad (Partner […]

Is Offline the New Online?

Several years ago I worked on a project backed by a top west-coast angel investor. The idea was extremely compelling, but for several reasons the project failed to reach the next step. One of the primary issues was that early customers were not comfortable with the social interactions our model was predicated on: staying at […]

No One Wants Your Crappy Web App

My friend Peter delivered a great talk at Ignite Baltimore titled No One Cares About Your Crappy Web App. Watch it. Then go read Tim O’Reilly’s Work on Stuff that Matters,  watch Tim’s interview and checkout the response by ReadWriteWeb. Finally read some of Umair Haque’s stuff writings, including: A User’s Guide to 21st Century […]

Top 10 Blog Posts Discussing Facebook

Below are the 10 most trafficked blog posts from this blog dealing with Facebook: Burger King Reveals Facebook’s Valuation, or ‘Facebook’s Valuation in Whoppers’ (2009) Why Accept a Friend Request? (2009) 10 Pros and Cons for Facebook Being the Next Google (2008) How Much is a Facebook Profile Worth (2007) How Facebook is Like a […]

Burger King Reveals Facebook Valuation

I loved this outside-the-box thinking by Jason Kottke on Facebook’s Valuation so I’m reblogging: Burger King recently introduced a Facebook app called Whopper Sacrifice that allows users to delete ten of their friends in exchange for a Whopper sandwich. Watch the app in action. What BK has unwittingly done here is provide a way to […]